Bamboo Island with Longtail Boat

Bamboo Island and Long tail Boat from Laem Tong Beach, Phi Phi Island, 25:10:15

Acrylic on Brown Paper, 19.5 x 27 cm, 25/10/2015

This painting was done from a path on Laem Tong Beach outside Room 118 of the Holiday Inn on Phi Phi Island, Thailand. It was painted from under the shade of some trees at the same time as the smaller Bamboo Island painting. On this day the haze and fog had cleared to reveal the beautiful Bamboo Island with its incredibly rugged cliffs, bays and secluded beaches. I wanted to show this and the many different ocean tones of blues and greens and the shadowy coral. As I was doing this picture the weather changed and a storm came. It brought really strong winds as you can see from the angle of the cloth tassels on the front of the Longtail boat. I actually just about finished painting the boat and had to pack everything away really quickly and run back to our room to avoid a very heavy tropical rain and thunderstorm from soaking me and this picture! Phew!


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