Trees, Shade and Ocean

Trees, shade and ocean, Laem Tong Beach from room 118, Holiday Inn,Phi Phi Island, 23-26:10:15

Acrylic on Brown Paper, 27 x 19.5 cm, 23-26/10/2015

This was painted on two very hot and sunny days on Laem Tong Beach, Phi Phi Don Island, Thailand from the balcony of Room 118 at the Holiday Inn. Most of my other Thailand pictures were completed in one session, but this one caused more problems (and not just because of the huge biting ants and mosquitoes!) I was drawn to this scene because of the trees (which I always like) and the shadows cast on the sand as the bright sunlight beamed through the leaves. It was particularly difficult to try to show the depth in this picture, I think because of the changing light, angles of the branches and the many small details involved. This one was definitely more of a struggle than most of the other pictures done on this trip! Enjoy the challenge!


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