Trees and Reflections, Bali

Tree and Reflection,Nusa Dua, Bali

Acrylic Paint on Brown Paper, 19.5 x 27 cm, 2-3/3/2016

This painting was done over two days from the balcony outside Room 3149 in the Grand Hyatt, Nusa Dua, Bali. When I started this picture the skies where overcast and a  bright white-grey colour. The second day was much sunnier leading to many different colours and reflections on the water. I originally wanted to show the overcast colours of the first day but as soon as the blue skies came out on the second day the blue reflections seemed to illuminate the lake and I had to add the new colours into the picture. As happens with most of my pictures, as I’m doing it I become quite engrossed in the process and get a kind of tunnel vision. On this occasion it led to me getting some kind of heatstroke due to sitting outside in the sun and heat for longer than I should have! I guess the white balcony and water were reflecting the heat and sun onto me as I painted. Every hour or so when I took a break and went inside the room I could really feel the difference in temperature and finally was very happy to finish and get out of the heat altogether! It made me feel exhausted for a few days after this and I decided to draw and paint from indoors during the mid-day heat for the rest of the trip!


2 comments on “Trees and Reflections, Bali

  1. laura lecce says:

    Hi David, this is a wonderful painting. The reflection of the tree in the water is beautifully done.

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