Rock Islands, Palau


Acrylic on Paper, 60 x 21 cm, 8-10th November 2016

This painting was done on a recent trip to Palau with my wife. It was our first time visiting Palau and we first stayed in it’s capital city called Koror. It is a very small capital city and we were fortunate enough to get a free upgrade to a Rock Island View room in the Palasia Hotel. This was the view from our balcony ( with a few buildings edited out!) in room 611. It is part of a very beautiful World Heritage Site that stretches for many miles and consists of hundreds/thousands of these different shaped steep and mostly uninhabitable rock islands that are covered in jungle greenery. The colours and shadows of the islands and water were almost constantly changing as rain and thunderstorms would pass over making the islands disappear and re-appear again throughout the day. It was definitely an amazing sight to wake up to and a great joy and challenge to capture. This painting was done in two afternoon sessions and shows the mangroves leading out to the water and a few different palm trees in the foreground.


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