My name is David Lloyd and I was born in Liverpool in 1975. I grew up in Thornton and graduated with a B.A. Honours Degree from Liverpool John Moores University in 2000. Since that time I have been living and teaching English in Taiwan for 11 years, until returning to Liverpool in October 2012. I stayed in Liverpool for 2 and a half years and I was fortunate to take part in many exhibitions and festivals whilst there. I also had the opportunity to teach drawing and painting at the Bluecoat Chambers in Liverpool and Lea Court Hospital in Warrington. Both of these experiences were very enjoyable and fulfilling and led to the creation of many great pieces of art by all involved.

I moved back to Taiwan with my wife in June 2015 and have continued to travel, teach and create Art.

I have always been interested in drawing, painting, skateboarding and travelling and try to do these things as much as I can as they are huge parts of my life and inspiration.

I will be posting examples of my artwork on this site, please enjoy and let me know if you like them.

I am available and interested in taking part in exhibitions and commission work.

Please feel free to contact my email   :  dloduk@yahoo.co.uk


9 comments on “About

  1. chekhuo says:

    When are you going to visit the studio then?

    • dloduk says:

      Aright chekhuo, Sorry mate I’ve been busy and now I’m in Taiwan, I’ll be back in May and will defo arrange to come over and see the studio, take it easy, Dave

      All the best! David Lloyd


  2. Nigel says:

    Hi, just wondered if your self portrait or shhhh were for sale ?

    Kindest regards

    • dloduk says:

      Hi Nigel, I hope you are well.
      I did try to contact you a while ago but had no reply.I wondered if you are still interested in buying some of my artwork? If so you can contact me via e mail at dloduk@yahoo.co.uk
      Take care,
      David Lloyd.

  3. chekhuo says:

    Greeting David, when are you going to visit the studios? Frank Moore is doing a performance piece called ‘help!’

  4. chekhuo says:

    Where are you David now?

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