The Gateway to the City

Finished and cropped 1

Acrylic on Canvas, 196 x 196 cm, 2018 


Sunrise in Zion National Park, Utah

Sunrise in Zion National Park, Utah, U.S.A. Rm 237, Hampton by Hill, 29.7 x 21cm, Acrylic on 300 gsm Paper,18: July: 17, by David Lloyd

Acrylic on 300 gsm Paper, 29.7 x 21 cm, 2017

This Acrylic on 300 gsm Paper painting was done at sunrise from my hotel room in Zion National Park, Utah. We had a beautiful view of the red/ orange rock formations that seemed to glow as the morning sun lit them. The contrast of the green vegetation was interesting and it stood out against the rock. I painted it in one session because we were only there for one night and I wanted to try to capture the beautiful view. As the sun rose the light would change and I built up the detail of this painting by overlaying and adding thin layers of transparent Acrylic paint on top of each other.

Silent Auction at ABTG8 Redroom

Hazel Buying Picture

Hazel receiving her new painting. 

This painting was made during the Redroom’s 8th Annual Artists Bridge the Gap Festival in Taipei City, Taiwan. The festival included many different events on different days and this particular day was a live painting day with a silent auction aimed at raising money for the Redroom and introducing people to creative and artistic processes. There were also many stalls selling hand-made crafts and items making it a very creative and inspiring event.

My idea for this painting was based on another piece I was planning to do of my nephew paddling in the water at sunset. I really liked the photo and idea of experimenting with a dark border to create a more dramatic composition. I decided to include a couple in the water as I thought it would connect more with other people. It was very interesting to hear people’s thoughts and comments about the picture as I was painting it, especially how many different thoughts and memories it seemed to evoke. As with most of my pieces I started with an image in mind and many different reference photos with which to work. The actual painting itself quickly became very organic and evolved in its own way as I was making it. This allowed me to enjoy the mark making and freely experiment with it as it changed throughout the day. It was an enjoyable departure from the more planned paintings that I usually do and although it was a very tiring day, I definitely had a good time.

As I finished I noticed the silent auction table had no bids for my piece and I admit I felt a little disappointed. But, as I was packing my equipment away, I was approached by Charles from the Redroom with a woman called Hazel who lives in Hong Kong. He introduced Hazel and said that she had bid on my painting. I was very surprised to hear this right at the end of the day and Hazel said she had been planning to bid on it for a while, but wanted to wait until the end. This was a great end to a very enjoyable day.

Tree, Early Morning Light, San Jose


Tree, Early Morning Light, San Jose, California, 30 x 21cm, Acrylic on Paper, 17-21:6:2017, by David Lloyd

                                           Acrylic on Paper, 30 x 21 cm, June 2017                                                             This painting was done “en plein air” over three early morning sessions in San Jose, California. It was painted whilst I was staying with relatives in San Jose. I was struck by the strange beauty and shape of this tree and also the beautiful crispness of the morning light in California. I painted it over three sessions because the light would change as the sun rose higher and changed the colours and shadows of the sky and branches of the tree. I built up the detail of this painting by overlaying and adding thin layers of transparent Acrylic paint on top of each other.

Rainstorm, Rock Islands


Acrylic on Black Paper, 20.5 x 14.5 cm, 11th November 2016

This Acrylic sketch is an attempt to quickly capture a passing rain storm moving across the Rock Islands. These storms would come and totally change the colours of the scenery, making the Rock Islands disappear and re-appear and giving them a magical and mysterious feeling.

Rock Islands, Palau


Acrylic on Paper, 60 x 21 cm, 8-10th November 2016

This painting was done on a recent trip to Palau with my wife. It was our first time visiting Palau and we first stayed in it’s capital city called Koror. It is a very small capital city and we were fortunate enough to get a free upgrade to a Rock Island View room in the Palasia Hotel. This was the view from our balcony ( with a few buildings edited out!) in room 611. It is part of a very beautiful World Heritage Site that stretches for many miles and consists of hundreds/thousands of these different shaped steep and mostly uninhabitable rock islands that are covered in jungle greenery. The colours and shadows of the islands and water were almost constantly changing as rain and thunderstorms would pass over making the islands disappear and re-appear again throughout the day. It was definitely an amazing sight to wake up to and a great joy and challenge to capture. This painting was done in two afternoon sessions and shows the mangroves leading out to the water and a few different palm trees in the foreground.

Misty Mountains,the Cairngorms

Misty Mountains, Cairngorms

Acrylic on Paper, 21 x 30 cm, July 2016

This painting was done a few days after the previous Stormy Skies picture from the same spot in Aviemore, Scotland. It was painted after a lot of rain in the late morning  as the clouds were clearing to slowly reveal the mountains hidden within. This is the same view as the Stormy Skies painting, but in this part of the world the weather and colours are constantly changing, giving the area an ever-changing freshness and appearance which can be both inspirational and frustrating when working from nature! I tried to be very delicate with the background mountains as I wanted to try to capture the ghostly effect of the misty clearing clouds and the mountains beginning to re-appear.