Pheonix, Acrylic and Ink on 300gsm Paper, 51 x 41cm, 2017, by David Lloyd

Acrylic and Ink on 300 gsm Paper, 51 x 41 cm, 2017

This Acrylic and Ink on heavyweight 300 gsm Paper piece was created in my studio in Nangang, Taipei City, Taiwan. It is a painting of a Phoenix statue from one of the Temples in my local area and has taken almost a year to complete due to the amount of detail. I waited for a day with a clear blue sky to visit the Temple and take photographs, as I wanted to capture the contrast of colours between the Phoenix and the sky. I enjoy working in these mediums as I can slowly build up the layers of colour and drawing is a key part of the process. This picture was first drawn in pencil, and when I was satisfied with the size, placement and likeness I defined the outline in Ink. I tried to use a new method for the sky where I painted it all first and then thinned down the areas that I wanted to be lighter. This involved using a special block similar to a “Magic Cloth” that was wet and rubbed over the paint to thin the colour. It worked but has caused some rippling of the Heavyweight Paper, but this will less visible when the picture is mounted and framed. I then added layers of thinned down Acrylic Paint to different areas to create tones, building some parts up more than others where it needed. After this had dried I added the black Ink over the top to redefine some of the details.


Jerry In Tienmu

Jerry in Tienmu, Taiwan, Ink on Brown Paper, 19.5 x 27 cm, 1:6:17 by David Lloyd

Ink on Brown Paper, 19.5 x 27 cm

This is a portrait of my good old friend Jerry, drawn as we chatted after a day of skating in his neighbourhood of Tienmu,Taipei. He is the filmer from the other drawings.

Jerry Filming John, Tienmu, Taiwan

Jerry Filming John 2, Tienmu, Ink on Brown Paper, 19.5 x 27 cm, 1:6:17 by David Lloyd

Ink on Brown Paper, 19.5 x 27 cm, 1/6/17

This Ink drawing was done just after the previous one and is of my old Taiwanese friend Jerry filming another good old friend called John Richardson. This picture was drawn while Jerry was stationery for a few moments as he prepared to follow John with the camera. It was easier to capture the filmer than the the skater as the movement was less for the most part!

Jerry Filming John, Tienmu, Taiwan

Jerry Filming John, Tienmu, Ink on Brown Paper,27 x 19.5 cm, 1:6:17 by David Lloyd

Ink on Brown Paper, 27 x 19.5 cm, 1/6/17

This is an Ink sketch of two good old friends of mine John and Jerry, it was done during a day of street skating in Tienmu, Taiwan. It was drawn from life near the end of the day when my legs had said “enough skating” and they were filming a line of tricks, hence the extra arm on John during his trick! He was doing a trick called a Nollie Backside Tailslide on the ledge and I tried to draw him in action, which was very difficult because of the ever changing body shape and position of each attempt he had. It is always a challenge to try to capture someone in motion and this was possibly the most difficult challenge I’ve had as the trick and motion was over in a matter of seconds. A lot of fun though!

Sunny Day, Tongariro National Park


Acrylic on Paper, 30 x 21cm, 13-16/1/17

This painting was done over three short sessions when the weather permitted, and is of a sunny day in Tongariro National Park, New Zealand. My wife and I were very fortunate as this was the view from our room, Ferguson Unit 8, Chateaux Tongariro, New Zealand (when the weather was clear!) We could see for miles across the national park, many different colours of vegetation and animals enjoying the environment.



Oil on Canvas, 45.5 x 38 cm, 2004-2016

This is an Oil painting of my wife Fiona in Thailand that I started many years ago and never finished until recently. It was done from photos taken on a day trip to a beautiful national park on a great day out, that also inspired many other pieces. I think I never finished it because we moved house as I was painting it, then I started to use Acrylic Paints more and so it got left to one side. It was always my intention to complete it and recently I got an Oil Portrait commission that gave me the perfect opportunity to work with Oils again and the push I needed to finish this piece.