Beach and Coast, Sunny Day, Palau


Acrylic on Paper, 30 x 21 cm, 18/11/2016

This painting was done at midday on a beautiful sunny day. The contrast and reflections of the bright rock cliffs against the water and trees really attracted me to this scene. The white rocks of the cliffs seemed to shine even brighter as the sunshine got stronger and the greens and blues of the ocean sparkled and mixed together. As with a lot of my paintings I will re-arrange or edit some of the parts to make a composition that I like, or to show something that I want. In this case I have arranged the Palm Trees (that were there) to try to add depth and distance into the picture.


Cave and Reflections, Palau


Oil Pastel on Paper, 20.5 x 14.5 cm, 16/11/16

This is an Oil Pastel drawing of a small cave in the rocks of the coastline. It interested me because of the contrast between the darker reflections cast by the cave and the bright reflections of the rocks and vegetation. I also liked the many other darker colours that revealed themselves on closer inspection. These were colours and details that I hadn’t noticed in my other pictures as I focused on the brighter colours of the plants and water. As the water level lowered it revealed how much of the rock has been worn away by the ocean over the years and showed a new variety of coloured rock. I also like how it could be a shelter from the sun and is partially hidden by the over-hanging vegetation.

Cloggi Coastal Path, St Ives

Cloggi Coastal Path, St Ives

Acrylic and Ink on Paper, 21 x 30 cm, July 2016

This is a picture of one of the many stunning views that I saw on the Cloggi Coastal Path in St Ives, Cornwall. St Ives is a beautiful seaside town and harbour and this spot is about 30 minutes walk out of town along the cliff tops. This is a great spot to come to clear your head as you watch the patterns and movement of the ocean and ever changing skies. I really enjoyed drawing this picture in the open air and could have easily stayed for hours soaking in the views and fresh air. This Ink drawing for this picture was done outside on the Coastal Path and I took photos and added colour to it the next day using thin layers of Acrylic Paint.



Acrylic and Ink on Paper, 21 x 30 cm, July/August 2016

This is a view of the cliffs, bay and ocean in Newquay, Cornwall done from Room 131 of the Best Western Bristol Hotel, Tolcarne Bay. Newquay is the surf capital of England and is a beautiful town perched along stunning cliff tops and coastline. This picture was done over two days by first sketching out the details in Ink and then adding thinned Acrylic Paint to add colour, slowly building it up in layers. After this I re-defined the details in places with Ink to give it more definition and depth. I like to come back to pictures after they have dried to give the colours a chance to settle and see which parts have worked or need changing. This is a combination of media I like to use when working from life and I like the effect that it can give.

Green Bay 2

Green Bay 2

Acrylic on Paper, 21 x 30 cm, 25/5/16

This is the left hand side of the aforementioned Green Bay painted from the same spot as the right hand view. Here you can see towards a very special area called Yeliou. This area has an incredible geo- thermal rock formation park that features incredible rock shapes formed over many years by the Ocean, including the Queen’s Head. You can see some of the same sandstone coloured rocks in this painting. As you can see from the sky there were rainstorms all around us, but it is always a beautiful place to visit no matter what the weather!

Green Bay 1

Green Bay 1

Acrylic on Paper, 21 x 30 cm, 25/5/16

This painting was done on a recent trip to Green Bay in Taiwan. It is on the Pacific Coast of the island about 1 hours drive from my home in the capital of Taipei City. It is a very beautiful spot, but when we went it was very overcast and cloudy, as you can probably tell from the colours! This is the right hand side of the bay and you can see Turtle Island in the distance and the towering mountains that surround the bay. It is an amazing spot to float in the Pacific Ocean and look back inland at the beautiful mountains that form the Bay.I painted this from the balcony of Room 203 in the Whitehouse Hotel.

Coral Gardens 3, Maldives

Coral Garden 3, Windy Day, Maldives, 2016

Acrylic on Paper, 30 x 21 cm, 8/5/2016

This seascape was done from the same spot as the other two paintings, but in this one I included a mysterious dark blue deep hole that we could see. It was a very sunny day as I painted this from the shade and I still got sunburnt! I was trying to capture the flickering reflections of the sunlight on the surface of the water and the darker tones of the coral under the water. It was the rainy season while we were there and storms would come and go creating incredible cloud formations and choppy waves from time to time.