Twilight, Lake Taupo


Oil Pastel on Black Paper, 14.5 x 20.5 cm, 20/1/17

This Twilight picture was done from inside our room at the Gables Lakefront Motel after the previous Acrylic sunset piece (because it was too cold to draw outside!) I love the colours in the sky on a clear evening just after sunset and try to draw, paint or take photos of it whenever I get the chance. I like to see the contrast of the dark clouds and the last light of the day fading to black.


Sunset, Lake Taupo



Acrylic on Paper, 30 x 21cm,  20/1/17 

This was painted from a picnic bench outside the Gables Lakefront Motel, Lake Taupo, New Zealand after a day of hiking. This is the largest lake in the country and the mountains that can be seen in the background are Mount Ruapehu, the Volcano and Tongariro National Park that are featured in my other pictures. It was painted as the sun was setting and the warm colours of the sun were reflecting on the water. It was a clear sky with only a few clouds and it actually got quite cold by the time I was finishing this piece as the temperature drops quite a lot in the evening.



The Sky’s The Limit?


Pastel on Paper, 30.5 x 23 cm, 18/12/16

This picture was inspired by the sun setting over Taipei City one Sunday afternoon. It was drawn from my balcony and started as an attempt to capture the beautiful colours of the setting sun in the sky before they disappeared into the night. As I drew the grey silhouettes of the skyline I wanted to add something that would contrast with these colours. Taipei City is an ever-growing fast paced city and there is always something new being built. The three buildings in progress were just a few of the many ongoing projects that I could see on the skyline. In mankind’s never ending quest for development, it could be asked when will it be enough?

Yang Ming Mountain, Taipei City


Pastel on Paper, 30.5 x 23 cm, 18/12/16

This is a view of the Yang Ming Mountain range in Taipei City, Taiwan. I drew it from the balcony of my flat on a bright sunny day just before sunset. The mountains were very clear on this day and the colours and shadows were changing as the sun started to set adding more warm oranges into the mix. The sky was very clear with just a few clouds floating by. I like to experiment with different mediums and try to learn the unique qualities of each of them. I find pastels are good for blending colours but can also give a heavier effect if left raw and unblended.

Rock Island Sunset


Oil Pastel on Brown Paper, 27 x 19.5 cm, 10th November 2016

This sketch was a real race against time to try and catch the fleeting colours of the sunset in the sky. I didn’t even have time to clip my sketchbook page down (as you can probably tell from the the crease lines!) Oil Pastels are an interesting medium that can be used in variety of ways, I like to add marks and colours and rub them to blend and soften them. I am starting to feel more comfortable with them and enjoy the speed and the fact that small details are almost impossible to completely control. I like this uncertainty as it can often lead to effects that were not expected and are unique to this medium.



Oil on Canvas, 45.5 x 38 cm, 2004-2016

This is an Oil painting of my wife Fiona in Thailand that I started many years ago and never finished until recently. It was done from photos taken on a day trip to a beautiful national park on a great day out, that also inspired many other pieces. I think I never finished it because we moved house as I was painting it, then I started to use Acrylic Paints more and so it got left to one side. It was always my intention to complete it and recently I got an Oil Portrait commission that gave me the perfect opportunity to work with Oils again and the push I needed to finish this piece.

Little Fluffy Clouds, Taipei City

Little Fluffy Clouds, Taipei 2016

Acrylic on Canvas, 46 x 33 cm, 2016

This is a view of Taipei City from the balcony of my apartment. It is based on a photo taken by my wife and was actually done as a 10th Wedding Anniversary gift for her ( because she loved the little fluffy clouds in this particular sunset). I also added 10 hearts into the picture to signify the 10 amazing years we have been married. The tall building in the picture is Taipei 101, it’s shape is based on bamboo and it was the world’s tallest building for a short time after completion.