Cave and Reflections, Palau


Oil Pastel on Paper, 20.5 x 14.5 cm, 16/11/16

This is an Oil Pastel drawing of a small cave in the rocks of the coastline. It interested me because of the contrast between the darker reflections cast by the cave and the bright reflections of the rocks and vegetation. I also liked the many other darker colours that revealed themselves on closer inspection. These were colours and details that I hadn’t noticed in my other pictures as I focused on the brighter colours of the plants and water. As the water level lowered it revealed how much of the rock has been worn away by the ocean over the years and showed a new variety of coloured rock. I also like how it could be a shelter from the sun and is partially hidden by the over-hanging vegetation.


Misty Mountains,the Cairngorms

Misty Mountains, Cairngorms

Acrylic on Paper, 21 x 30 cm, July 2016

This painting was done a few days after the previous Stormy Skies picture from the same spot in Aviemore, Scotland. It was painted after a lot of rain in the late morning  as the clouds were clearing to slowly reveal the mountains hidden within. This is the same view as the Stormy Skies painting, but in this part of the world the weather and colours are constantly changing, giving the area an ever-changing freshness and appearance which can be both inspirational and frustrating when working from nature! I tried to be very delicate with the background mountains as I wanted to try to capture the ghostly effect of the misty clearing clouds and the mountains beginning to re-appear.

Stormy Skies over the Cairngorms

Stormy Skies, Cairngorms, Scotland

Acrylic on Paper, 21 x 30 cm, July 2016

This is a view of one part of the Cairngorm National Park painted from Aviemore in the Scottish Highlands. I painted it from Room 204 of the Cairngorm Hotel and it was an almost ever changing scene as the rain clouds gathered and poured down or passed over. It is a stunning part of the world with incredible views in every direction, and lots of great old pubs and hotels to pop into for a pint! In this picture the storm was passing in front of the mountain range as the sun was trying to come out from behind, illuminating it.

Melling Countryside

Melling Canal and Landscape 2015-16

Acrylic on Canvas, 45 x 38 cm, 2015-16

This painting was done as a gift for my mother and based on photos taken on a day out with family in Melling, near Liverpool. My mother asked me to do it for her because she loved the contrasting dark clouds and light reflections on the canal, the magical rainbow and the barges. Melling is a really beautiful area with canals and fields stretching for miles and a lot of barges can be seen sailing along or moored at the sides. On this day there was a thunderstorm approaching in the distance as we walked by the canal, causing the rainbow and the contrasts in the rain laden clouds above. This was a challenging piece due to all of the small details that was built up using thin layers of Acrylic paint that I worked on (along with other pieces) for almost a year. Canals and barges have always been special to me and it was nice to finally try to capture some.

Banyan Tree and Reflections 2

Banyan Tree and Reflections

Acrylic and Ink on Brown Paper, 27 x 19.5 cm, 14-16/6/16

This piece is a more detailed view of the magical Banyan Tree with it’s roots and vines dipping into the water. It was also painted from Room 3149 of the Grand Hyatt, Nusa Dua over three days. It was originally started as an Ink drawing, but as it developed I decided to add colour to it using thinned Acrylic Paint to give it more depth. I slowly built it up with thin layers of paint applied over the original Ink drawing. I like the effects of using Ink and Acrylic Paint together and enjoy experimenting with mixing the mediums.

Banyan Tree and Reflections 1

Banyan Tree and Reflections (Border)

Acrylic on Paper, 30 x 21 cm, 12-13/6/16

On this trip to Bali we returned to the very beautiful Grand Hyatt Hotel in Nusa Dua. We stayed in Room 3149 again and enjoyed this beautiful view of the pond and the magical Banyan Tree with it’s free flowing roots and vines. On a previous stay I painted this view from outside on the balcony and got heatstroke, so this time I set my easel up inside our room and painted with the Air-Con on! Much nicer! I really love the shapes of the Banyan Tree and the challenge of trying to capture the ever changing reflections and light shimmering on water.

Midday in the Valley, Ubud

Midday in the Valley, Ubud

Acrylic and Ink on Paper, 30 x 21 cm, 8-9/6/16

This piece was done from the same balcony as the previous painting, but facing down towards the river. It was much hotter as I was doing this picture and after the second session I had a little sun/heatstroke again! I am slowly learning that my English body wasn’t made for the tropical midday heat! Unfortunately I am a stubborn slow learner! The colours and tones of the thousands of trees in the valley changed throughout the day as the sun rose higher into the sky. I wanted to focus more on the tree in the foreground in this unfinished picture and I added Ink over the thinly applied Acrylic paint to add definition.