Swimming Across the Lake, Sun Moon Lake

Swimming Across the Lake, Sun Moon Lake, 59.4 x 21 cm, Acrylic Paint and Ink on 300 gsm Paper, 2018 by David Lloyd

Acrylic and Ink on 300 gsm Paper, 58.4 x 21 cm, 2018

This painting was done “en plein air” from our balcony in the Lea Lea Hotel as the annual Swim across the Lake was taking place. It is 5 km across and takes an average person a few hours to do, so I had plenty of time to capture it! It was very special to see this and also to capture it in paint as it gave the lake a very unique atmosphere and view. Seeing so many people stretched across the whole lake was really a sight to behold! Apparently 20,000 people took part in this event and I was very lucky to experience it. For this piece I first sketched it out in Ink and then added thin Acrylic paint over the top, adding to it as the view of the swimmers changed throughout the day.


Tree, Late Afternoon, San Jose

Tree,Late Afternoon, San Jose, California, June 2017,19.5 x 27cm, Ink on Brown Paper, June:17, by David Lloyd

Ink on Brown Paper, 19.5 x 27 cm, 2017

This Ink on Brown Paper drawing was done “en plein air” over three sessions in San Jose, California. It was drawn whilst I was staying with relatives in San Jose and it is in their garden. I was interested in the shapes of the branches on this tree and how the early evening light cast shadows across it. I drew it over three sessions because the light would change as the sun set. I built up the detail of this drawing by overlaying Ink and hatching to define shapes and shadows.

After the Lightning, Xindian

After the Lightning, Xindian, Ink on Brown Paper, 19.5 x 27cm,2016 by David Lloyd

Ink on Brown Paper, 19.5 x 27 cm, 2016

This tree was also drawn on a hike with my wife and friend in Xindian, Taipei City, Taiwan. I found this tree at the peak of the trail and drew it “en plein air” as we rested and enjoyed the views for a while. The trunk of the tree looks like it has been struck by lightning and broken in half with the charred remains surviving. The jagged shapes and textures were very interesting to me and I was drawn towards it. I also liked the shape of the branches stretching away from the trunk and find it quite amazing that it can still survive after being so severely burnt. Only nature knows how.

Sunny Day, Tongariro National Park


Acrylic on Paper, 30 x 21cm, 13-16/1/17

This painting was done over three short sessions when the weather permitted, and is of a sunny day in Tongariro National Park, New Zealand. My wife and I were very fortunate as this was the view from our room, Ferguson Unit 8, Chateaux Tongariro, New Zealand (when the weather was clear!) We could see for miles across the national park, many different colours of vegetation and animals enjoying the environment.

Coastline with Approaching Storms


Acrylic on Paper, 30 x 21 cm, 13/11/2016

This is a painting of the view from Room 322 in our second hotel called The Palau Royal Resort. It was done around midday as we avoided the peak heat of the day and enjoyed the natural beauty (I am finally learning how to avoid sunstroke!) It was an amazing spot with the beautiful ever-changing turquoise green and blues of the ocean lapping against the rocks of the coastline and the beach. Paradise indeed! I love to try to capture the different colours and reflections found in tropical waters as they shine, mix and get deeper as the sunlight affects them. Palm trees are also very special and interesting to me as I had never seen them in Liverpool, England before and I love their forms, shapes and ability to survive.