Oil Pastel on Brown Paper, 27 x 19.5cm, 14/1/17.

This is a steep Volcano drawn from outside Ferguson Unit 8, Chateaux Tongariro, Tongariro National Park, New Zealand. The weather was very changeable during our stay and this Volcano would appear and disappear throughout the day. This is a quick Oil Pastel sketch done on one of the occasions it was visible and I wanted to show the prehistoric feeling that this steep cone shape and the open crater at the top gives. You can really feel that the earth is still very much alive in places like this and can only hope for a safe passage through the area. New Zealand is a very volcanic and seismically active land.


Sunrise in the Valley, Ubud

Sunrise over the Valley, Ubud

Acrylic on Paper, 30 x 21 cm, 7-8/6/16

This painting is of the sunrise lighting up a valley in Ubud, Bali overlooked by a misty Kintamami Volcano. It was painted from the balcony outside our room in the Kupu Kupu Barong Hotel, over two very early mornings between 6:00 to 8:00 a.m. Each morning when I started painting, the air was quite cool, the valley was still dark and Mount Kintamani would come in and out of view as the morning mists lifted. It was a very special experience to see and hear the valley and forest waking up and revealing itself from the darkness. As day broke on the first morning I was painting, the warmth and rays of the rising sun coming from behind my viewpoint bathed the top of the facing mountainside in an amazing array of warm orange and auburn tones. It was a beautiful contrast to the many green shades of the lower parts of the valley that were left untouched by the sun. This effect only lasted for around 15- 20 minutes and it is the reason I painted it over two days as I really wanted to experience and try to capture that beautiful effect of the morning sun again. The tree in the foreground was the original reason for starting this picture, but the beautifully warm colours of the rising morning sun on the valley turned this into more of a sunrise colour study.